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As well as a monthly newsletter and annual Holiday gifts, all my clients receive an annual mortgage survey.

The goal of this is for a few reasons:

  • to reach out to them to understand if there have been any major material changes in their lives affecting their mortgage payments
  • to see if they have reached out to their lender and had any difficulties within the previous year, that way I can go to the lender to see if changes can be made
  • to see if they made any pre-payments throughout the year and would like an updated amortization table
  • to make sure that they know the current mortgage rates so that they can acclimatize to increasing rates by the time they are up for renewal
  • to see if they received any windfalls of money (from inheritance or income tax returns) and to see if some of that money could go towards principal

This is not what I saw while I was working at the big banks and this is what I always wanted to do with my clients, therefore I believe it is a value-added service that they appreciate

I also go over and remind them of the strategies, both for fixed rate and variable rate, that we went over at the start of the mortgage.