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Lunch Out Loud Ottawa Andrew and Nick



Lunch Out Loud Ottawa is a weekly podcast (radio webcast) that delves into all things Ottawa. Andrew Miller is my co-host and our mission throughout the coming years is to create something where people in Ottawa can spend just 30 minutes a week to learn about the people, places, events and music that make this such a world-class city! Too many people have come up to me in the past saying that Ottawa has nothing here, that they need to go to Montreal or Toronto to feel excitement. I just say that they haven’t tried hard enough or given Ottawa a chance. I truly believe there is something for everyone, any day of the week. We have some of Canada’s best restaurants, some of the best entrepreneurs in the world and world class entertainment. This is my passion and I hope to share it with you and I hope if you stumble upon this you share it with your friends as well. Enjoy!

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Want to listen to some of the previous episodes?? Click Below

Episode 134- Dylan Black & Wicked Grin

Episode 133- Ottawa Eco District & The Tackies

Episode 132- Operation Come Home & Bosveld

Episode 131- Ottawa International Film Festival & Old Stereo

Episode 130- Rideau Pines Farm & Tariq Anwar

Episode 129- Ian Capstick & Orienteers

Episode 128- Tuan Nguyen & Rory Gardiner

Episode 127- Holland’s Cake & Shake & Suits N’ Toques

Episode 126- Jody Mitic & Alex Silas & The Subterraneans

Ottawa Bluesfest Recap Show 2015 Part 2

Ottawa Bluesfest Recap Show 2015 Part 1

Episode 125- Gymtrack & Silvergun & Spleen

Episode 124- seoplus+ & Renee Landry

Episode 123- Wesley Clover Farms & Estan

Episode 121- Elaina Martin from Westfest & Terry Gillespie

Episode 120- David Gourlay from the Ottawa Champions & The Lucas Haneman Express

Episode 119- Stephen Beckta & Alexandra

Episode 118- Dominion City Brewery & Kaleigh Watts

Episode 117- David Ross from Ross Video & Cody Allen

Episode 116- Hidden Harvest & Bearshark

Episode 115- Majeed Mogharreban & The Reverb Syndicate

Episode 114- Michael Wood from Ottawa Special Events & Riot Police

Episode 113- Pure Kitchen/Yoga and Jasper Bridge

Episode 112- Michael Maidment from The Ottawa Food Bank & Saint Clare

Episode 111- Ilona Smyth from Smyth Casting & Noisy Locomotive

Episode 110- Ottawa Outdoors Magazine & Ornaments

Episode 109- Baroness Chocolates & Bearings

Episode 108- Kimothy Walker & The Red Rails

Episode 107- Tony Clement and Brandon Allan

Episode 106- Harley Finkelstein from Shopify and Thrifty Kids

Episode 105- Sarah from Be Healthy Be Beautiful magazine and Jeepz

Episode 104- Bruce Lazenby from Invest Ottawa and Jack Pine & The Fire

Episode 103- Jason Laurin from Essence Catering and Lights In August

Episode 102- Mark Blevis and Future States

Episode 101- Our annual review and preview show & music from Monday I Retire

Episode 100- Mark Monahan and Steamers

Episode 99- Michael Allen from United Way Ottawa and Tyler Kealey

Episode 98- Mark Sutcliffe and Matt Dorgan Project

Episode 97- Police Chief Bordeleau and Emmas Ringer

Episode 96- Chefs Kyle Proulx and Stephen LaSalle & Eric Gilmore

Episode 95- Karen Secord from the Parkdale Food Centre and Still Winter Hills

Episode 94- Shawn MacDonell from Creativision and Southern Mud

Episode 93- Our live foodiePrints book launch!

Episode 92- Our municipal election preview with Jonathan McLeod

Episode 91- Unshaven Mavens and heavy bedroom

Episode 90- Craig Cardiff in an Uber Ride

Episode 89- Citizens Academy and Danielle Allard

Episode 88- Ottawa Architecture Week and four-stroke

Episode 87- Brew Donkey and The Lionyls

Episode 86- Bytown Museum and Mosely

Episode 85- Aaron Cayer from Antique Skate Shop and DJ Magnificent

Episode 84- Rob Reid from House of Paint and Rita Carter

Episode 83- Crush Improv

Episode 82- Greg Graham from Cardel Homes and Those Gulls

Episode 81- Our 2014 Bluesfest Review Show

Episode 80- L’Hexagone Menswear and DJ Illo

Episode 79- Our live show from 8 Locks’ Flat with Atherton and Jon Deck

Episode 78- John from the Dragonboat Festival and Chocolate Hot Pockets

Episode 77- Fringe Festival and Brock Zeman

Episode 76- Museum of Nature and The Musettes

Episode 75- Ottawa Summer Music Festival Preview

Episode 74- Jeff Westeinde & James Leclaire

Episode 73- Awesome Ottawa & Average Times

EpisodeĀ 72- Rocky Laporte, Ottawa landscaper and The Yips

EpisodeĀ 71- Nicki Bridgland from OSSC and Silver Creek

EpisodeĀ 70- Rob and Shane from Beyond The Pale and The Split

Episode 69- Tracey Clark from Bridehead and Atherton

Episode 68- Prototype D and Sound of Lions

Episode 67- Home Inspector Eric Ayotte and Mackenzie Rhythm Section

Episode 66- La Bottega Nicastro and the Crimsonics

Episode 65- LiveWorkPlay and Pony Girl

Episode 64- Tim from Lunch and Harea Band

Episode 63- Petra Januskova and Paterson Hall

Episode 62- John Halvorsen, Ottawa Race Weekend director and Cold Capital

Episode 61- Marysol Foucault and Flying Horses

Episode 60- 3 Great Young Volunteers from Ottawa and The Superlative

Episode 59- Mary Taggart from Ottawa at Home Magazine and Matt Tamblyn

Episode 58- Our Winterlude preview and Eagleson

Episode 57- Robbie Lariviere from Fall Down Gallery and Foster

Episode 56- Lon Ladell, the brewmaster from Big Rig and Silkken Laumann

Episode 55- The Ottawa Real Estate Board President, Randy Oickle and The Hornettes

Our 2013 Year in Review show and 2014 Preview!

Episode 54- Mike Spencer Bown and Tindervox

Episode 53- Don Newman and Kalle Mattson

Episode 52- The Charlatan and G.Grand

Episode 51- The Fulcrum and Justice RF

Episode 50- Zach Robichon and Weird With Cats

Episode 49- Apartment 613 and Craig Cardiff

Episode 48- Kathy Smart and The Love Machine

Episode 47- Jody Mitic from Canada’s Amazing Race and BlakDenim

Episode 46-, Marcelle Benedicte and Zoo Legacy

Episode 45- Chris Bailey from A Year of Productivity and Finding Chuck

Episode 44- Angie’s Models and High Waters

Episode 43- Glen Gower from and Cardboard Crowns

Episode 42- Peggy Blair and The Cody Allen Band

Episode 41- Startup Weekend and Dave Norris&Local Ivan

Episode 40- Kurt Stoodley and Tall Trees

Episode 39- Max Keeping and Little Stella

Episode 38- Mathieu Fleury and Boyhood

Episode 37- Rolf Klausener and Winchester Warm

Episode 36- Top of the World and Flight Distance

Episode 35- Shawn Dawson and Jim Bryson

The Ottawa Bluesfest Review Show!>

Episode 34- Bruce Firestone and Shannon Rose

Episode 33- @FoodiePrints and Miss Polygamy

Episode 32- Canada Day Special with Sonny Juane and JW Jones

Episode 31- Kichesippi Beer and The Medhi Cayenne Club

Episode 30- Jackpine and Fevers

Episode 29- Neil Malhotra and Roberta Bondar

Episode 28- Andrew King and StillNative

Episode 27- Jeff Hunt and Iconoclast

Episode 26- Sam Bat and A Tribe Called Red

Episode 25- Rob Dekker from the CCCA and The Steve Adamyk Band

Episode 24- Les Gagne from Sparks Street and The Goodluck Assembly

Episode 23- Micheline Masson and Three Times Lucky

Episode 22- Eva Bee’s Jamboree and Camp Radio

Episode 21- DNA Presents and DJ ACRO

Episode 20- and Dynamite Motel

Episode 19- Chris Finlay and The Gallop

Episode 18- Creative Mornings Ottawa, Matt Carmichael and NDMA

Episode 17- NRML Clothing and ilvekyo

Episode 16- Absolute Comedy and The Wicked Mercy

Episode 15- Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi and Hearts & Mines

Episode 14- The SmoqueShack and Rishi/a>

Episode 13- Alta Vista Councillor and Planning Committee Chair Peter Hume & Three Little Birds

Episode 12- Herd Magazine and Amos The Transparent

Episode 11- LilyBelle Communications and Cory Levesque

Episode 10- Kevin Page, Parliamenary Budget Officer and Renee Yoxon

Episode 9- Tony Greco and Go Long(!)

Episode 8- Mayor Jim Watson and Autumns Cannon

Episode 7- Beau’s Brewery (Tim and Steve Beauchesne) and Andrew Vincent

Episode 6- Skyfall Blue (Media and PR Boutique Firm) and Claude Munson

Episode 5- Shane Currey (Financial Planner) and Trees

Episode 4- Sonny Juane and Loon Choir

Episode 3- Leclair Decor and Sacha Leclair (DJ Kid SL)

Episode 2- Jennifer Ahde, Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer and The Joynt

Episode 1- Introduction Episode with your hosts Nick Bachusky and Andrew Miller- Music from Liam Lloyd